American Family Care

The first American family care medical clinic was opened by D. Bruce Irwin M.D in 1982 in Hoover, Alabama. Dr. Bruce Irwin for a number of years was involved in family care practice before he established the AFC making him well informed with family care issues. He first worked in a family care organization branch in Birmingham. He got inspirations from Randy Johansen who was the president of the American family care organization. Currently, there are over 25 American family care operational medical clinics with another 8 being under construction. It is expected that by the end of 2011, there will be about 35 such clinics in different locations in America. Now, American family care clinics are designed, staffed and equipped to offer comprehensive care, attend to minor emergencies, provide urgent care and offer occupational medications.

American Family Care

AFC as it is known in short, makes use of high technology, digital x-ray, on-site lab, and electronic patients’ medical records. All operational clinics start their operations as 8:00 am and to 6:00 pm on a daily basis including weekends and holidays. To get any medical assistance you do not have to have a prior appointment.

The American family care organization is led by a group of medical professional experts and the organization does not have any affiliates either with governmental or private hospitals.  Some of the individuals involve in the management of AFC include; Randy Johansen who is the president of the American family care, Joseph Hawley  the chief financial and an executive vice president and Kay Park is the clinical operations vice president. Cindy Humphries, Mayes Maurice and John Chamberlain are some of the people concerned with the organization’s clinical operations.  Cindy is involved with the facilitations of the organization’s plans, Mayes is concerned with the management of health care services offered by the organization’s clinics and John is concerned with the mobile region clinical operations.

American family care has medical clinics throughout Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee states. Apart from the above medical services, AFC also provides specialty clinic that is used for general surgery, weight to live which is a weight losing program and NexStep Physical Therapy. To top it all, it has U-Save Pharmacy that is quite convenient in accessing prescriptions.

Let’s now look at NexStep Physical Therapy in details as an example of the services offered by the American family care.  At NexStep, there are qualified and professional staff who are committed to the provision of most current physical fitness and therapy research and techniques. Each client at this clinic will be assigned to a therapist who has the responsibility of providing custom-tailored and consistent care. This allows for understanding and provision of individual needs. Physical therapy is beneficial for injuries or diseases that affect mobility, musculoskeletal pain, performance and endurance of activities.

At NexStep Clinic the following conditions are taken care of. Muscle strains, gait abnormalities, joint replacements, CVA/stroke, arthritis, balance dysfunction, manual therapy, physical therapy, sports medicine among others. The AFC weight to lose program is meant for individuals seeking for exercises and workout programs to lose weight. The weight to lose programs are facilitated by the AFC giving its clients diet plans specifically designed to meant individual client needs in achieving a healthier and fitter lifestyle.